Drager Accuro Gas Detector With Drager Tubes
Drager Accuro Gas Detector





Comprehensive list of our laboratory equipment

  1. Laboratory Bench and adequate space, housed in a relatively large building
  2. Gas Chromatography (GC): GC 5890 Series II with complete unit; GC and Chemstation. Also Configured with wax column for methanol in crude determination
  3. Hewlett Packard - 6890 GC-FID-FID System Including: 5890 Series II Gas Chromatograph, Dual Flame Ionization Detectors, Dual Split-Splitless Injection Ports with Manual Pneumatics, HPIB Communication, 7673B Autosampler Including: Controller, Dual Injectors, 100 Position Tray and Mounting Bracket. The unit is like 2 GC in one, dual inlet, detector and autosampler
  4. Gas Analyzer: Agilent 7890A, Series GC, Custom FIDw/EPC with packed and capillary Column
  5. GBC Sens AA dual double beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) with flame emission capability
  6. Density meter
  7. Air compressor
  8. Industrial Oven, Heating mantle, Desiccators and Vortex Mixer 
  9. Weighing Balance, Vacuum Pump, Karl Fisher, Dean & Stack Equipment
  10. Drager Tubes for onsite air quality monitoring
  11. DR. 2004 HACH Spectrophotometer
  12. Multiparameter meter, Horiba Equipment
  13. Viscometer
  14. Centrifuge
  15. Analytical Balance
  16. Multigas Detector (Orion)
  17. Oven, Glass wares, Stop Watch and Clamps
  18. Brand New 30 kVA, Cummins Electric Generator with adequate housing
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