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Rofnel Energy Services Ltd is an indigenous company that has roots in the university. It was registered in 2003 and has been accredited and permitted by the DPR to render services to oil and gas industry. We are highly experienced in provision of Hydrocarbon, Soil, water and Biological Analysis with high standard state of the art equipment.

Wireline and Well Testing Services is a new addition to our services. We now run pressure gauges to amass data for BHP test analysis services. In addition, we also undertake other slickline services as listed below. We are creamed with personnel that provide quality and prompt services to the satisfaction of our clients at reduced cost. We remain confident to execute our contract excellently bearing in mind the high standard of performance in oil and gas industry.


To build-up Rofnel Energy Services ltd to an organization that consults and adequately render quality laboratory services by using available and affordable resources in solving the intellectual aspects of the problems being faced in the oil and gas industry.



The nature, quality and proficiency of our staff are our major strength. They exhibit high level of discipline and teamwork which propels us till date.


Our projection is centered on ensuring that Rofnel achieves its expected growth and attains a full and well acclaimed consultancy services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We will definitely get there.


Our clientele include major players in the oil and gas sector of the economy, such as

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